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Customer Relationship Management

CRM is not software - it’s far more than that. Customer Relationship Management is about blending technology and strategy to guarantee great customer experience.

Customers are at the center of every business. Whether you are B2C, B2B, B2B2C… your business success depends on the experience your customer has with you. In every business this experience is shaped at multiple customer touch points but mainly focused around the ones within Marketing, Sales, Delivery and Service.

Outcome Logix can help you deliver excellence in interactions across these four touch points, consistently. We do this by helping you adopt to best practices using Dynamics Customer Relationship Management.

Speak to our CRM experts today to understand how an enterprise CRM system can:
- provide great customer experience – right across your business functions
- help you retain and strengthen existing customer relationships
- create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Great customer relationship management doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey every company needs to be on, and Outcome Logix can guide you on this journey to make it effective and successfully achieve the desired outcomes.

Outcome Logix has pre-configured solution frameworks on Dynamics 365 CRM for the following verticals:


Construct automated workflows in minutes across hundreds of popular apps and services- no coding required



Build custom apps in hours -not months- that connects you to your existing data and systems to help solve your specific process and business needs