Screened Talent

When it comes to your business, nothing is more important than ensuring that you are hiring the best and the brightest, and your hiring process and your approach to talent acquisition doesn’t cost you greatly – in terms of losing talent to competitors, losing money and time!

If your current hiring process is tedious, time-consuming, and feels like a struggle, we can help. Forget about endless interviews just to hear a resume recited in person – instead, get to know your candidates on a more personal/Expertise/skillset level prior to viewing their resume.

In addition to our portal, our team of professionals and hiring experts will provide you with guided feedback to ensure that you’re choosing and interviewing the right candidates for the right positions.

Avoid any potential internal bias from your team by working with our Technical Screeners and our comprehensive Talent Portal because in a world where quality talent is hard to come by, you need to be sure that you hire the right person for the job.

Hire 7x Faster

We optimize hiring processes and keep our approach outcome-oriented. Our IP tools include:

  • SLA Driven

  • Interactive - Chat / SMS / e-mail / Collaboration

  • Video based

  • API driven

  • NLP

Interview platform

We have redefined the method of taking interviews. With the following characteristics, our interview platform aims to introduce you to the future:

  • One way recorded interview

  • Two way interactive interviews

  • Candidate comparison side by side

  • Strong pool of over 450 technical screeners offering various skill sets

  • Large repository of unique technical interview questions


We offer a range of workflow-driven tools that help you analyze and track performance, with ease:

  • Tracking of leader board

  • SLA driven ( achieved / missed / escalations)

  • Realtime tracking of performance based on dynamic scoring

  • Workflow driven

  • Mile markers for each step

Candidate Experience

We provide candidates a stage to enhance their professional side through:

  • Video based Candidate engagement Platform

  • Job recommendation based on self assessment and technical screening ranking

  • Candidate referral module

  • Candidates can track the progress of their application at each stage in real time