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Workflow Management

eBA workflow automates and streamlines common business processes like contract or invoice approvals, PTO requests, storing data in a database, or assigning a task. eBA automatically monitors each step of the process, provides rules or triggers to determine what’s next and sends a notification when an action is required. eBA workflow ensures you stay productive and compliant. It integrates your people, systems, data and action.

eBA workflow is designed to allow business analysts to understand, build and change processes – without becoming developers. All businesses run on workflows – and many of them can be automated because they are either manual, time-consuming or inefficient. Most commercial software applications provide some ‘workflow’ because of the way you use that software to complete a task. eBA workflow doesn’t just participate in task completion – it manages the entire process of work by coordinating systems and people on one single platform with one code base and interface.

Key Benefits: eBA Workflow Management Suite

• Reduce Risk and Increase Compliance.
• Reduce Bureaucracy.
• Create Transparency & Visibility.
• Reduce Manual Effort and Go Paperless.
• Increase Accuracy.
• Flexible and Remote Working.