Outcome Logix wins an RFE with a 7.1 billion dollar electric company to fill 20 positions for digital transformation


Outcome Logix is a Pittsburgh-based tech services company that provides professional staffing solutions to organizations and their development teams. They specialize in filling temporary, contract-to-hire, and full-time positions in the technology industry. With their vast talent pool of resources and flexible engagement models, Outcome Logix ensures that their clients get the right talent on their teams quickly.


An electric company worth 7.1 billion dollars is a leading global provider of advanced power plant technology, offering a sustainable alternative to coal and fossil fuels. With a history spanning over 130 years, the company has remained at the forefront of the electric power industry for more than six decades. Given the company’s regulated industry, digital transformation is essential for future growth, and they are currently seeking exceptional candidates with a broad range of digital stack expertise, from Cloud engineers,DevOps engineers, cloud Architects to Project managers and QA Analysts. Despite the company’s existing vendors submitting resumes with the necessary keywords, they lacked the required competency level to perform the project effectively. This was a critical position to fill, and the client needed to hire multiple candidates quickly to stay on track with their transformation goals. The lack of transparency in the screening process was wasting valuable time for the hiring managers, as they were conducting interviews without any promising results.
To address this issue, the hiring managers issued a Request for Engagement (RFE). After a rigorous review and qualification process, Outcome Logix Tech’s staffing solution was chosen as one of the five providers. The client sought high-quality candidates, and Outcome Logix Tech delivered, providing staffing solutions that met the company’s digital transformation goals.


Outcome Logix came up with a solution to match the competency of candidates before submitting them to the hiring team. The process involves a three-level screening process that includes pairing each requirement with a technical expert to do the technical screening, video interviews, coding challenges, and evaluating soft skills in line with the role specificities. Only candidates approved internally by both technical experts and dedicated Account Managers are submitted to the client hiring team. These video interviews and coding challenges can also be accessed and reviewed by the hiring manager if required before they interview the candidates.

Outcome Logix’s strong competency in emerging technologies ensured that they met the client’s requirements and were a good fit for the company culture. The recruiters also provided guidance to the client on market conditions, salary trends, and other relevant information to help them make informed decisions.


Outcome Logix filled its first position with skilled .net Core Experts who were competent and experienced enough to handle the project. The client was pleased with the quality of candidates provided and the level of competency screening. Outcome logix is actively working to fill 20 positions.


Outcome Logix’s ability to match the competency of candidates before submitting them to the hiring team helped solve the retail giant’s hiring challenge. The three-level screening process ensured that only the most competent and experienced candidates were submitted to the client. With Outcome Logix’s strong competency in emerging technologies, the client was provided with the right talent to handle the project. Additionally, Outcome Logix’s flexibility in engagement models allowed the client to choose the most suitable hiring arrangement, be it temporary, contract-to-hire or full-time employment. This ensured that the client had the ability to scale their teams up or down as per their project requirements.