Screened Talent

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Seamless Integration with Major Job Sites

Ensuring maximum visibility for your job openings.

Video Job Articulation and Response Tracking

Empowering you to create compelling video job that can be easily shared on your career sites.

Centralized Applicant and Resume Management

With Screened Talent™, you have an integrated view of all applicants from various sites in one centralized location

Screened Talent

Applicant tracking and Interviewing platform

We use our proprietary Applicant tracking and Interviewing platform, “Screened Talent”, a video-based (two way and asynchronous) and AI-driven recruitment platform. It helps simplify the screening, shortlisting, and technical interview process. It’s smart and intelligent features shorten the time and effort spent on hiring the right candidate.

Makes candidates’ first round of screening 70% faster and Avoid blind interviews and tech screening
Asynchronous or Two-way video interview: The candidate sourced by the recruiters go through 3 step screening process:
  1. Technical Recruiter Matching Process
  2.  Video based technical screening by Industry Expert
  3. Delivery Manager/ Account Manager screening for Deliverability Checks and Cultural Match.

We conduct Video based Tech screening, where candidates undergo a pre-screening with an industry expert. This process provides candidates with a competitive advantage, showcasing their competence in the specific areas our clients are interested in, while also highlighting their personality and problem-solving abilities. Candidates will be asked to record their answers on Screened Talent, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of their soft skills, body language, and cultural alignment for the shortlisting process.

Distinguishing ourselves from conventional staffing services companies, at Outcome Logix, we leverage a unique approach to candidate selection. Through our proprietary ATS platform, “Screened Talent”™, we conduct video screenings of candidates with industry experts, offering our clients the opportunity to preview pre-screened/approved candidates at their convenience. By prioritizing video screenings prior to submission, we significantly streamline the vetting process, saving valuable time for hiring managers. Our commitment to this process has led to an impressive eight out of ten pre-screened candidates being approved and hired by our clients, underscoring the effectiveness of our ATS platform.

Funnel of the activities/ status of a job requirement.
Candidate Journey Status (Image snippet from ‘Screened Talent’ platform)