Outcome Logix’s Competency Screening Solution Helps a Large Bank HireBusiness Process Engineers for Digital Transformation


A large bank with over $171 billion in assets underwent a digital transformation journey and needed to hire 10-14 business process engineers to automate their existing processes. However, the hiring managers were frustrated with the existing vendors as they only provided resumes with keywords mentioned but lacked the competency required for the project. This resulted in a lack of transparency in the screening process and wasted valuable time for the hiring managers.


The bank’s hiring managers were facing multiple challenges in finding the right candidates for their digital transformation project, including:

  • Lack of transparency in the screening process
  • Inefficient hiring process leading to time wastage
  • Inability to find candidates with the required competency
  • Limited access to the right talent pool


Outcome Logix, a talent acquisition firm specializing in technology recruitment, was brought in to help the bank overcome these challenges. They devised a solution to match the competency of candidates before submitting them to the hiring team. The process involved a three-level screening process that included technical screening, video interviews, coding challenges, and soft skills evaluation.
The first step was a technical screening where Outcome Logix’s internal team of technical experts evaluated the candidates’ technical competency based on the project’s requirements. The second step involved video interviews and coding challenges, which allowed the hiring managers to review the candidates’ skills and competencies before they interviewed them. Finally, the candidates approved internally by technical experts and dedicated account managers were submitted to the client’s hiring team.
Outcome Logix’s strong competency in emerging technologies ensured that the client’s requirements were met and the candidates were a good fit for the company culture. The recruiters also provided guidance on market conditions, salary trends, and other relevant information to help the client make informed decisions.


Outcome Logix successfully filled all 14 positions within two months, and all candidates who signed the agreement joined the project. The client was pleased with the quality of candidates and the competency screening process, and they appreciated not having to spend valuable time on the hiring process.


In conclusion, Outcome Logix’s ability to match the competency of candidates before submitting them to the hiring team provided a solution to the bank’s hiring challenge. The three-level screening process ensured that only the most competent and experienced candidates were submitted to the client, and Outcome Logix’s strong competency in emerging technologies provided the right talent for the project. The bank was able to complete its digital transformation project on time and within budget with the help of Outcome Logix’s talent acquisition solutions.