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Founded in 2020, Outcome Logix is a Pittsburgh-based staffing services organization focused solely on transforming the hiring process and landscape. In short, the founders of Outcome Logix identified critical gaps in the candidate submission process widely utilized by service companies, and recognized the need and opportunity for substantial improvements in the candidate and client engagement experience, as well as the overall vendor satisfaction experience. As you will soon learn, Outcome Logix is intent on revolutionizing the hiring process both globally as well as in the Western Pennsylvania and Tri-state area, aiming to deliver an exceptional user experience for hiring managers, candidates, and vendors

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On average, hiring managers using Outcome Logix can reduce their hiring time by 70% while still being able to hire top tier talent.

Our innovative & proprietary solution bridges the gap between recruiters and candidates while simultaneously instilling trust and confidence in the process.


Staffing Solutions to meet the needs of the Pittsburgh community and the global community

At Outcome Logix, we offer a range of services with flexible engagement options to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

We provide top-tier talent for your organization’s development, technology, and application teams, enabling you to kick-start your project deliveries or product releases.

We bring a diverse mix of domain expertise, technology strategies and execution skills to the table.

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What differentiates us from other companies?


Distinguishing ourselves from conventional staffing services companies, at Outcome Logix, we leverage a unique approach to candidate selection. Through our proprietary ATS platform, “Screened Talent”™, we conduct video screenings of candidates with industry experts, offering our clients the opportunity to preview pre-screened/approved candidates at their convenience. By prioritizing video screenings prior to submission, we significantly streamline the vetting process, saving valuable time for hiring managers. Our commitment to this process has led to an impressive eight out of ten pre-screened candidates being approved and hired by our clients, underscoring the effectiveness of our ATS platform.

We conduct Video based Tech screening, where candidates undergo a pre-screening with an industry expert. This process provides candidates with a competitive advantage, showcasing their competence in the specific areas our clients are interested in, while also highlighting their personality and problem-solving abilities. Candidates will be asked to record their answers on Screened Talent, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of their soft skills, body language, and cultural alignment for the shortlisting process.

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