Tech 50 Award Finalist company 2022

We take pride in being recognized as a Tech 50 Award Finalist company in 2022 by the prestigious Pittsburgh Tech Council. Our remarkable growth trajectory has positioned us as one of the fastest-growing companies in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Chosen as top 40 Leaders by Pittsburgh Tech Council as part of 40 leaders in Pittsburgh PA

The Fire Award celebrates exceptional startup founders who exhibit strong leadership skills and a clear vision for their company’s success. Additionally, the award acknowledges founders who are dedicated risk-takers, possess industry knowledge, and actively engage in their startup’s day-to-day operations. I sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement throughout this incredible journey.

CEO Sandesh Sukumaran Named as a Rising Founder Award Winner in 2023, by Pittsburgh Business Times

Following is the Q&A session with CEO, Sandesh Sukumaran

What was the company’s greatest accomplishment of the past year?
What started as a product-idea 24 months ago centered around developing an ATS/Video interviewing platform embedded with features such as pre-screening by industry experts that considerably saves time and improves efficiencies for end-customers has today grown into a 25-employee and growing organization with several Contracts from large enterprises.

How is the nominee company revolutionizing their market, and what differentiates this company from competitors? Please provide more detail than what is found on your website and marketing materials.
Outcome Logix presents to Clients, a technology enabled staffing solution built around Screened Talent.

Screened Talent provides a ready pool of Industry Experts to technically screen potential candidates within 24 hours.

Screened Talent’s Video based Interview feature allows Hiring Managers full visibility on candidate screening process.

Screened Talent reduces the time and resources spent on interviewing by up to 70%.

Our vast talent pool of resources and our flexible engagement models ensure our clients get the right talent in the team and get started on their project delivery or product releases quickly.

What impact is the nominee company making currently (or what impact will the nominee company potentially make) on Pittsburgh, the U.S., and the world?

Since our founding in 2021 with 2 founding team members, Pittsburgh has not only been our headquarters but our home. We have grown from 2 founding team members to 25 employees globally, but we have not lost sight of the strong local talent available to us right in our backyard and plan to grow our local team by an estimated 5 new full time employees in the coming year. With local growth planned for our team we are considering plans of expanding to a larger office to accommodate our ever-growing team.

We believe corporate social responsibility program should not be restricted to the board room and made by a handful of stakeholders. We rolled out an outcome based charity/community give back program. This allows our Employees to decide which charitable organisation we should spend our money on. Every deal we close we contribute a certain amount of money which goes towards community give back and this decision is made by employees of the quarter, they get to choose the charity of their choice. We are also planning on inviting charitable organizations to come and make a pitch to our employees to talk about their initiative,thus educating our employees about the impact they are making for the community/society.

What is the impact that the nominee company is making (or what impact will the nominee company potentially make) on its customers or society, and how is the nominee company solving problems/addressing challenges?

As the majority of staffing services giants take the conventional approach of sharing hundreds of resumes with the hiring managers with a disposition to sourcing candidates on a ‘keyword skill’ perspective, we have built services around our unique ATS platform that saves a considerable amount of time for hiring managers in the vetting process. This was made possible by our key enabler — our solutions’ video screening candidate vetting process. With the video screening access given to the hiring managers, they could review our pre-screened/approved candidates on a preliminary basis at their comfort. This eliminates the need of them conducting multiple rounds of interviews with the candidates. Eight out of Ten times we have found that our pre-screened candidates have been approved and hired by the clients proving the efficacy of the ATS platform.

We have supported the enterprise architecture teams of one of the largest retailers in the East coast by supplying key IT resources for Websphere application server and Portal server implementations that brought value added propositions to the entire WCS project.

Majorly contributed in supplying the crucial technical resources for the Risk and Controls project of one of the largest banks that helped them in identifying the gaps in the existing workflows, regulatory and compliance issues there by improving enterprise wide efficiency and productivity.

How has the nominee company contributed to the growth of the Pittsburgh and/or Southwestern Pennsylvania economy? Examples include, but are not limited to: job creation, investment capital raised, revenue growth, capital investments (facilities), regional payroll growth, research and development investments, or community contributions. Use quantitative metrics if possible.
In addition to the direct employment impact, Outcome Logix has helped local companies find talent for their difficult to fill positions. These relations have resulted in local jobs, many of which have relocated to the area with their families. The trickle down effect of the job creation, both directly and through assisting local firms results in a great economic impact through the individuals who are tax paying residents, using local services and purchasing local goods.

Outcome Logix, his current venture has made impressive strides and his experience and vision has seen the organization grow its revenues and employee base to numbers that were much more than initially forecasted. Outcome Logix is expected to keep a steady growth in revenues year after year and desires to be a 10 Million revenue generating organization by end-2023.

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