2023 Inno Fire Awards, Rising Founders: Sandesh Sukumaran, Outcome Logix

As the search for talent continues to be a challenge for companies,  Sandesh Sukumaran  has found a way to utilize technology to streamline the hiring process. His company, Outcome Logix, provides proprietary application tracking technology to allow employers to more efficiently vet candidates, which he said can reduce time and resources spent on interviewing by up to 70%. The company, which Sukumaran founded in 2020, has been able to grow its customer base to now include banks, utility companies and retail giants. It has also grown its ranks to now have 21 employees.

What has been your biggest challenge getting your startup to where it is today?

The most significant challenge we’ve faced in bringing our startup to its current stage has been the impact of hiring freezes at many enterprise companies, some of which are our valued clients. This year, these hiring freezes presented a formidable obstacle that we had to navigate.

How can Pittsburgh better serve its startup community?

  1. Facilitate easier access to various funding sources, such as venture capital, angel investors and government grants.
  2. Expand and strengthen the presence of startup incubators and accelerators that provide mentorship,
    networking and resources. These programs can offer invaluable guidance, connections and expertise to early stage startups.
  3. Organize regular networking events, meetups and conferences that bring together entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and potential partners.
  4. Provide opportunities for startups to showcase their products and services to a broader audience, both locally and beyond. Hosting startup showcases, industry expos and innovation competitions can help startups gain visibility and attract potential customers.

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